Our story

SADEED idea came from our daily work as medical professionals having management positions for long time. On frequent basis we were meeting with many companies in the market and we were struggling because they don’t know much about the medical field so they could not understand our exact needs. This was reflected on our workflow and eventually on the patient management and patient experience.

This is where our name SADEED came from. It means “the right opinion” in Arabic language as we guarantee you the best possible decisions and services provided by smart and honest healthcare professionals.

Our Vision

To be the company of choice for healthcare business transformation in Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

We use the modern management and marketing concepts as well as the latest innovations to leverage the healthcare business performance and to enforce the digital transformation. Our supreme goal is to promote safe and patient cantered care.

Our Promise

  • To make a difference for your brand and to stand out of the crowd.
  • Unique innovative management and marketing solutions
  • Actionable & insightful ideas
  • Return on investment (ROI) improvement
  • Projects and consultancies are delivered by healthcare professionals
  • The only company in the market to combine the knowledge/experience in the triad: healthcare, management and IT
  • Long diversified experience in the region
  • Various certifications in management and quality accreditations.
  • Guaranteed results (100% success rate until now).
  • All you need under one umbrella (one stop shop)
  • Honest and targeted consultancy
  • Dynamic spirit with professional and flexible staff
  • Local, regional and international market insights within your hands
  • Creativity and powerful data analytics
  • World class expertise
  • In 5 years: if you run your business the same way you do now, you might be out of business”
  • New channels and tools are popping up more frequently than ever
  • Powerful and knowledgeable patients
  • Highly competitive market urging you to differentiate smartly
  • Innovations are various and updating almost daily! Needing consultancy opinion to choose the most suitable ones that make significant change in your performance
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Sadeed office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“Your valuable efforts – thank you for everything you’ve done!”

ENG.Nader El Refaei
IT Manager, Advanced Radiology Center

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